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Favoured by the convergence of ideal paleogeographic conditions prevailing about 130 million years ago during the Upper Jurassic period in our region, high purity monolithic limestone was formed mainly in the valley of the River Blau between the city of Ulm and the town of Blaubeuren. This high grade calcium carbonate is well known under the name "Ulmer Weiss".

ULMER WEISS and OMYACARB are distinguished by their fine dense crystalline structure, high brightness and extreme chemical purity. A number of tightly arranged crystallites with low porosity characterises their crystalline structure, and is one of the reasons for the opacity of our fillers and extenders in powder form.
Ultramarine is added to reduce the yellow index of SL and WL.

JURAPERLE - fillers and extenders have comparable crystalline structure. They are processed from our standard rock material and therefore do not fully reach the optical and chemical standards of the Ulmer Weiss types.

WICAL - If desired the products can be coated, for example with stearate.

CRISCARB CM is manufactured from pure white marble, which is a metamorphic, coarsecrystalline calcium carbonate with a dense structure. The optical properties and surface adsorption differ from our Jura fillers and extenders with comparable particle size distribution.

Modern applications place rigorous demands on fillers and extenders. Their requirements include precisely defined particle size distribution as well as stable chemical, optical and physical parameters. As a result of our company`s experience throughout the past eighty years, careful raw material selection is combined with modern processing methods. These manufacturing processes, supported by a certified quality management system guarantee dependable compliance with product specifications.

We are certified to the following standards: DIN EN ISO 9001 + 14001, Q & S, HACCP and DLG.

The extent of our deposit - confirmed by test drillings - guarantees mining and development for many decades to come.

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